Name: João Carlos Heringer Moreira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 16/03/2015

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Flávio Miguel Varejão Advisor *

Examining board:

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Alexandre Claudio Botazzo Delbem External Examiner *
André Renato Sales Amaral Internal Examiner *
Flávio Miguel Varejão Advisor *
Maria Claudia Silva Boeres Internal Examiner *

Summary: In developing countries, non-technical energy losses caused by factors unrelated to the transportation, transformation and distribution processes are considered by distribution companies as some of the greatest causes of loss. In Brazil, part of those losses can be passed on to consumers as an increase in the energy bill. However, the maximum value of this increase is limited by the regulatory agency, as a way to encourage distribution companies to make improvements on their activities. This limit is defined in the form of non-technical energy loss reduction goals. The optimization problem adressed in this work treats the loss reduction from the distribution companies point of view. In order to achieve the goals established by the regulatory agency, the companies have several loss reduction actions, which must be allocated in
multiyear plans. These plans try to achieve the reduction goals without exceeding predefined budgets, always aiming to obtain the highest possible profit with the actions allocation. This work approaches the problem of those plans definition as a generalization of the Knapsack Problem. A formal model is defined as an integer programming problem and the model’s hardness
is analysed through computational experiments, using a generic solver applied to a variety of instances to obtain the exact solution. Two heuristics are then proposed, the first one based in a greedy approach and the second on the Tabu Search metaheuristic, and applied to the problem.
Finally, the techniques are compared considering the quality of the solutions.

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