Name: Karla Samantha Bezerra Vale
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 28/02/2015

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Credine Silva de Menezes Advisor *

Examining board:

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Alberto Nogueira de Castro Júnior External Examiner *
Credine Silva de Menezes Advisor *
Orivaldo de Lira Tavares Internal Examiner *
Tânia Barbosa Salles Gava External Examiner *

Summary: The development of academic work, as we know, requires great effort of the authors, largely operational nature, occupying hours of work that could be dedicated to the analysis and creation activities. Among these activities we can mention the collection of information on the subject to be searched, the management items read or to be read, or the search for publications on the theme. Yet we know that many of these efforts can be mitigated through initiatives of cooperation and use of computational tools. There are reputable tools that support some of these steps, however the academic needs to combine two or more of these tools to attend his needs. Looking help to alleviate this problem we designed, at LIEd, an Intelligent and Collaborative
Environment, which combines artificial intelligence techniques in order to provide a collaborative environment able to support computationally, in an integrated way, some of the essential steps of the academic production. This paper presents a subsystem of the environment, Document Retrieval, which provides information directly and automatically from questions in natural language, considering the context of a project and the documentary evidence indicated by the user during their interactions.

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