Publication date: 17/07/2023

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Summary: The increase in the number of people with a chronic health condition has led researchers from different
areas to seek alternatives for monitoring these patients outside the hospital environment, in order to monitor them
continuously and prevent the worsening of their health status. In this sense, one research topic rising is RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring). This approach allows monitoring the health condition of patients from a distance,
helping to prevent new hospitalization episodes, and improving their quality of life, and the care administered by
health providers. However, the currently available RPM solutions face some challenges, mainly in the integration of
new devices. Usually, solutions are designed for a specific scenario and do not focus on problems related to the
heterogeneity of devices available for health monitoring. A solution that provides means for the integration of new
devices has the potential to collaborate in advancing the state of the art in research in this context. Therefore, this
thesis proposes a solution to support the execution of RPM projects, composed of a reference architecture and its
implementation, materialized as the HDash Remote Monitoring Platform. HDash implements the proposed
conceptual architecture, providing means for new devices to be easily integrated in order to meet different
application scenarios. To evaluate the approach, two case studies were conducted: the first monitoring chronic
patients, followed for 12 months, and the second monitoring in remote locations, for 36 months. The studies allowed
evaluation of several aspects of the proposed architecture and it is hoped, therefore, that this work can contribute to
RPM and that new research in this context will benefit from the artifacts produced in this thesis.

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