Name: Glauber Lustosa Dourado Villa
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 20/08/2021

Namesort descending Role
Magnos Martinello Advisor *
Rodolfo da Silva Villaca Co-advisor *

Examining board:

Namesort descending Role
Alextian Bartholomeu Liberato External Examiner *
Magnos Martinello Advisor *
Rodolfo da Silva Villaca Co advisor *
Vinicius Fernandes Soares Mota Internal Examiner *

Summary: Community Wi-Fi still proves to be an innovative option, offering comprehensive connectivity and opening the door to new business models at Internet service providers. This work proposes a distributed bandwidth limiting system capable of improving the use of the bandwidth resource for Community Wi-Fi using network technologies defined by software and standard protocols existing in the market. This system, as a specialized instance of the SDN standard, adds a bandwidth limiting mechanism called (meters) and an application that acts on distributed bandwidth limiters centrally controlling global aggregated bandwidths and an experimental validation method that compares limitations of global bandwidth on distributed sites with local bandwidth limitations on a single site. A prototype was implemented using the Openflow protocol, Ryu controller and a Python application that supports communication via REST API. In this prototype, we demonstrate a distributed network that adds a new type of portability to the state of the art, and additionally, an application that controls bandwidth in a distributed manner, preventing excess aggregate traffic common in current market options for Community Wi-Fi.

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