Name: Cássio Capucho Peçanha
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 07/08/2019

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Vítor Estêvão Silva Souza Advisor *

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Renata Silva Souza Guizzardi Internal Examiner *
Vítor Estêvão Silva Souza Advisor *

Summary: There is growing interest in software that can adapt their behavior to deal with deviations between their outcome and their requirements at runtime. A systematic mapping of the literature on self-adaptation approaches based on requirements models revealed over 200 papers on this subject.
However, there is still a lack of a formal and explicit representation of the concepts in this domain, which can lead to problems in communication, learning, problem-solving, interoperability, etc. To make a clear and precise description of this domain, this work proposes RASO: the Requirements-based Adaptive Systems Ontology.
RASO was built using a well-established Ontology Engineering method, is grounded on a foundational ontology and reuses concepts from other software-related ontologies. The ontology was evaluated by mapping constructs from the most referenced approaches from the literature to its concepts, thus creating a path for interoperability among them.

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