Name: Isabella de Albuquerque Ceravolo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 14/02/2019

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Magnos Martinello Advisor *

Examining board:

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José Ferreira de Rezende External Examiner *
Magnos Martinello Advisor *
Vinicius Fernandes Soares Mota Internal Examiner *

Summary: Federated testbeds support network research by providing a distributed lab. This is possible through frameworks that transform physical resources in an experimentation service. Such service needs to continuously evolve including emerging technologies. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is an emerging technology which enables to decouple network intelligence from physical hardware. Although frameworks (such as GCF, OCF, and OMF) have strongly contributed to the establishment of network testbeds’ federations, they lack features required to support NFV. This is due to the type of virtualization, monitoring, and resources which they offer. Besides that, they lack NFV orchestration functionalities. This work proposes a new framework to enable NFV experimentation. The result was O2CMF, a framework based on the OpenStack cloud computing platform and interoperable with the Fed4FIRE infrastructure. To validate O2CMF, we developed demonstrations showing testbed management, Fed4FIRE compatibility, traffic isolation, NFV orchestration and integration with other domains (robotics, wireless networks, and OpenFlow). These proofs of concept, we demonstrated that O2CMF successfully enabled federated experimentation in NFV, combining the interoperability provided by SFA with the flexibility and robustness of the cloud, and orchestration features. O2CMF have been used to manage a testbed at UFES, supporting research and education activities. In addition, its documentation, covering operation and use, motivated its adoption by the University of Bristol.

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