Publication date: 27/08/2018

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Summary: With the expansion of Internet of Things, several solutions for environmental monitoring are available in the market. However, most solutions use proprietary and costly software and do not provide online monitoring, making data access difficult, and preventing actions from being taken in a preventative manner. In the literature there are several studies carried out on various forms of wireless data transmission, but most are simulations or only transmission tests in controlled environments. This work presents EstAcqua, an integrated solution of hardware and software of low cost, using concepts of Internet of Things with wireless data transmission via LoRaWAN. The main objective of this station is the monitoring of environmental and oceanographic data of surface and submersible sensors, with low energy consumption and can be accessed remotely in real time. The purpose is to provide a simple solution to implement and perform maintenance, which allows integration with devices from different manufacturers and allows the user to decide which components to use regardless of the manufacturer. Tests were performed in controlled and real environments to analyze the behaviour of EstAcqua during its development. This process was incremental, in which each test contributed to the detection of failures, serving as the basis for improvements in EstAcqua. After a month of operation of EstAcqua in a real environment, it was verified that it is possible to install in difficult to access environments. The online monitoring interface proved sufficient to meet the demands of EstAcqua. In addition, it presented high battery autonomy. Comparing the accuracy and resolution of the sensors used in EstAcqua with commercial sensors, it is observed that they are similar, however the ones used in EstAcqua have their cost almost one hundred times smaller. In addition to the high battery life, it is still possible to recharge or even replace it, something not allowed by most of the products currently marketed. From the results presented, we can conclude that EstAcqua has resolution and accuracy sensors close to the commercial sensors used, as well as allowing the data to be collected and transferred to the cloud, allowing access to them anyWHERE in the world. EstAcqua has proven to be a viable solution, not only for academic purposes, but also as a lower-cost, more reliable, more integrated and more functional solution than most solutions found in the market.

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