Name: Ramon Ahnert Azeredo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 18/09/2018

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Davidson Cury Advisor *

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Credine Silva de Menezes Internal Examiner *
Davidson Cury Advisor *

Summary: The Concept maps are graphic tools for knowledge organization and
representation that has special place in educational environments. Therefore,
tools has built to support, make easy and extend the use of concept maps. In
this work, the purpose is build a tool to recognition of errors in concept
maps and to suggest fixes. For that, a literature review has made with the
purpose of show the mains related concepts about concept maps. After that,
concept maps from different groups was collected to identification of main
errors. After these two phases, the conceptual model of tool is showed and
built to execute experiments. The results showed that most frequent errors are
about linking phrases. Furthermore, the precision of tool features could be
measured. Thus, this work also suggest that the use of proposed tool support
the construction of maps with a minimal formalism and make more easily to be

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