Name: Wanderson Rocha de Almeida
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 18/12/2017

Namesort descending Role
Orivaldo de Lira Tavares Advisor *

Examining board:

Namesort descending Role
Davidson Cury Internal Examiner *
Luis Claudius Coradine External Examiner *
Orivaldo de Lira Tavares Advisor *
Patrick Henrique da Silva Brito External Examiner *

Summary: Current tools for Natural Language Processing generally work on a particular operating system type and, in some cases, on special versions of those systems. This restriction of access to free and easily accessible PLN services creates difficulties in the research and development of this area. This dissertation was developed to reduce these difficulties by developing services of a API REST in a platform that offers free access to programmers, researchers and other interested people. The following services are offered: segmentation of sentences and words, morphosyntactic labeling using TreeTagger, Freeling and a tagger developed by the author of this dissertation. Semantic lexical analysis resources are also offered, with the help of the following WordNets of the Portuguese language: ONTO.PT, PULO and OpenWordNet-PT. The implemented services were tested in three practical cases with different clients and platforms, such as a translation API of Portuguese for LIBRAS, in the identification of significant implications of Piaget with computational support and as digital resources of the platform CAP-APL - Constructor of Pedagogical Architectures for the Learning of Portuguese and of LIBRAS

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