Name: Bernardo de Polli Cellin
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 30/03/2017

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André Renato Sales Amaral Advisor *

Examining board:

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André Renato Sales Amaral Advisor *
Renato Elias Nunes de Moraes Internal Examiner *

Summary: In production systems WHERE a decrease in production costs is seen as a key part of the
competitive strategy, Optimization is an important tool to assist companies in this process
of survival and expansion in the market. There are many Layout problems in Industry,
which are optimization problems that are characterized by the physical arrangement of
facilities along a given area, forming a layout. Layout problems are difficult and complex
to solve, from a computational point of view. For economic and academic reasons, Layout
Problems have been studied for decades. This dissertation proposes heuristic and hybrid
methods for solving some of these problems found in the literature, such as Facility Layout
Problems on two or more parallel lines. More specifically, methods based on the metaheuristics
Simulated Annealing, Variable Neighborhood Search and Iterated Local are
implemented to solve such problems. In addition to meta-heuristics, a Linear Programming
model is also used.

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